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My Children’s Future Insurance Plan

Comprehensive Education Annuity Insurance

Isn’t the future of your child the most ambitious project that you are concerned about?
Don’t you find that school and university studies are getting more and more costly?
Do you want your children to pursue their studies and fulfill their life plans successfully, whatever happens?

« Full Education Annuity » guarantee may be the insurance product you need.

Designed in order to maximize your children’s chances of success, « Full Education Annuity » insurance plan will help you consider your children’s future with a greater peace of mind whatever happens, since they will receive:

  • A five-year scholarship  to the target date defined from the outset;
  • A relay scholarship that will be disbursed to your child in the event of death or total and permanent disability of the parent who has underwritten the contract.

Advantages and Modus Operandi of a Comprehensive Education Annuity

Through the premiums paid to ASTREE, you can benefit from a return on capital consisting of two components, namely:

  • A Guaranteed Minimum Rate throughout the contrat;
  • A Profit-Sharing Rate : ASTREE earns you one of the best return rates of the market (4,75% in 2015).
  • The premiums disbursed shall not be subject to taxes;
  • The benefit disbursed upon contract expiry shall be exonerated from tax;
  • The benefit disbursed in the event of decease shall be exempt from inheritance rights

Comprehensive Education Annuity is part of insurance plans whose premiums are deductible from income tax up to 10,000 dinars a year regardless of the civil status of the policyholder.

To meet any urgent need of liquidity/ cash, you can have:

  • The entire cash value/ surrender value of your policy in accordance with the regulations;
  • A down-payment on your policy (a loan)

In order to help you keep track of the progress of your capital, ASTREE will keep you posted about the amounts of gained savings and bonuses/ profits through an annual detailed statement.

Every year ASTREE provides you with a pension statement to be returned to the tax authorities