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Liabilities : Contractors’ Decennial Liability

The 94-9 Law dated 31 January 1994, requires the principal and all the stakeholders involved in the work ( contractors, technical inspection offices, architects, engineers, etc ...) to abide by the obligation of insuring their liability for the work they have done, for a period of 10 years in order to safeguard the interests of the / principal Contracting Agency or successive owners.

It is in this context that 'ASTREE Insurance covers damage arising from the Decennial Liability of stakeholders in the construction of the work, in the event of:

  • total or partial collapse of the structure
  • Obvious threat of collapse
  • obvious harm to the solidity of the foundations, the structures or the roof

This damage is caused by:    

  • error in calculation or design  
  • defective material   
  • flaw in the construction or  in the soil    

You are also granted cover for « Demolition and Debris Removal Costs » of up to 20% of the amount insured.

Through our «Decennial Liability »guarantee, you can benefit from the option of extension of cover to:  

  • Damage affecting the sealing system for roofs and terraces
  • Material damage to existing property (older parts of the structure existing well before commencement of the works)
  • Damage caused to the materials (or new building processes) not tested or approved by an inspection body.