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Protection of the work

At ASTREE Assurances, our underwriters provide you with advice and assistance, guiding you in your future assembly and / or construction projects, by allowing you to choose from a range of guarantees, depending on the nature of your project and the works you want to carry out:

All Risks Assembly Insurance

All Risks Assembly Insurance

For your industry-based projects, the bulk of which consists of assembly works, installation and testing of machines, production lines, turbines, turnkey plant, ... ASTREE offers  "All-risks Assembly" cover.

All-risks Assembly" policy provides cover for damage to insured property caused by:

  • mishandling, negligence and malevolence,
  • assembly errors,      
  • weather-related events: rain, snow, flood, earthquake and landslide
  • Theft, fire, lightning, explosion, short circuit, overvoltage
  • introduction, fall and shock of foreign bodies, broken wires or chains,   overpressure, under pressure, failures caused by centrifugal force ... etc.

ASTREE insurance makes it possible for you to extend All-risks Assembly guarantee
to the following:

  • Your third party liability (TPL)
  • Cross liability
  • Existing property
  • Damage occurring during the maintenance period ... etc

Contractors All Risks Insurance (CAR)

Contractors All Risks Insurance (CAR)

If you are planning to carry out Civil Engineering work (Residence, bridge, highway, road interchange, tunnel, dam ...), “Contractors’ All Risks” is the insurance plan you need.

This insurance scheme covers material damage to the work in progress as well as property owned by the insured being on the construction site

This unexpected damage can be caused by:

  • defects due to mishandling, negligence, human error, design error, .. etc.
  • weather-related events: Storms, earthquakes, floods, rain, landslide,.
  • theft, fire, explosion, lightning, fall or collision of foreign objects, ...

Through this policy and depending on your needs, you can obtain the following extensions of cover to include the following :

  • your “Third Party Liability” vis-à-vis third parties for coverage of bodily injuries and material damage resulting from your construction work.
  • "Cross Liability" involving the various stakeholders on the site, whereby the latter are considered as third parties in regard to each other.  
  • damage to "existing and surrounding properties" belonging to you or made available to you before the start of construction works.   
  • error in design,...