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In order to take control of your own destiny and to not to compromise your business, ASTREE insurance offers companies and independent professionals extensive guarantees to cover their third party liability (TPL) through three insurance options that vary according to the needs for guaranties and the areas of expertise:

TPL « Business »

TPL « Business »

Under this policy, and upon establishment of your liability, ASTREE compensates the third parties ( persons from outside the company, such as customers, suppliers...) who have sustained bodily injury, material and consequential damage (resulting from insured damage) while discharging your business duties.

This damage can be caused unexpectedly by :

  • Yourself;
  • Your staff members, wage earners or not, in the exercise of their duties;
  • Your commercial or professional movables, tools, equipment, internal and external fittings;
  • Your buildings or premises occupied for the company's operating needs.

* Business liability has been designed to support and cover all professional activities.

TPL Professional

TPL Professional

This coverage is meant to provide protection against the financial implications of bodily injury, material and intangible damage resulting from insured damage caused to others (customers and third parties) because of the services provided.

ASTREE assurances TPL Professional, covers your liability that may be established following a professional error or omission in the exercise of your business.

This insurance product is intended to service providers and independent professionals whose business is primarily intellectual: Doctors, Lawyers, Architects, Certified Accountants,..

Post Delivery Liability

Post Delivery Liability

It ideally comes as a supplement to the "TPL Business" plan

Under this insurance policy, ASTREE compensates third parties because of any damage (bodily injury, material and intangible damage resulting from insured damage) caused to consumers and users by:

  1. your company’s products, once they have been marketed  ( in case you are a manufacturer);           
  2. Service having been provided (in case you are a service provider).

These harmful accidents that occur after delivery are generated by hidden defects of the delivered products (or services provided) such as:

  • Manufacturing defects;
  • Packaging or design errors;
  • Insufficient or inaccurate data in the product user guide;
  • Errors related to wiring, and installation of the performed work, ...

ASTREE assurance can also pay for withdrawal costs of these defective products whose liability is incumbent to you as well as to your customers.